Intensive coaching during Mid April to June with emphasis on overall development of a player.
Its a comprehensive programs comprising of fitness, technique correction, on/off court drills, simulated match play, set practice.
Limited intake. Contact for availability.
A specialized program that targets maximizing your performance on the tour. It is a short duration full time program which offers a traveling coach to chart matches provide invaluable positive inputs.
The confirmation has to be done 12 weeks in advance.
Have a Tennis weekend, work on your game with personalized attention of the trainer with a maximum coach player ratio of 1:4 for senior players and 1:6 for junior players.
You can also book an exclusive session with a coach. The confirmation for participation needs to be done 10 days in advance

Its a long term full time program with maximum focus on a sporting career, though we do not have a full time academy to offer academics and tennis still our PRO's will assist in enrollment in schools/colleges which are sports friendly.
Get in touch with us for a consulting session so that you do not lose much on academics while pursuing a sports career.
We will be happy to assist you and put on the track for a professional sports career.
The players slug it out on the courts full time five days a week while you relax on the beach or a club house -  too good to be true. Well we have designed this innovative program wherein the whole family can have a vacation and the players get to play loads of tennis.
Only GOA & Hyderabad is available as vacation destination at the moment.


Contact us for more details.


The first steps on the tennis court, its a  fun program to introduce players to tennis and the only emphasis is on learning the correct technique and understand the game better.
This is a good program for someone looking for an activity & fitness.



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